Dear Friends of the Arts:


In 2017, Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. (TRT) will celebrate its 26th year of bringing to Tuskegee/Macon County, live, original, musical and dramatic theatre that “Entertains, Educates, Enriches & Inspires”, while reflecting the cultural heritage and history of the Black peoples of the world, and especially that of the African American people of historic Tuskegee, Alabama. To do this we use the wonderful talents of our local amateur and professional artists, giving them much needed opportunities to practice their craft. Because of what we feel is the value of what we do, as expressed in our motto, we dare to say that it is to the benefit of all that TRT continues to exist. In Tuskegee especially however, the work of TRT contributes to not only cultural enrichment, by means of entertainment, and education with regard to history, but to economic enrichment in terms of increased tourism, support for local businesses, and incentive for attracting new citizens and businesses to the community.


We can only move toward the fulfillment of that potential for benefit to our Tuskegee/Macon County community, and to the world community, with your financial support. We invite you to join our 2017 TRT Circle of Friends, online, using your credit card, as a contributor at whatever level you choose. You may also contribute offline, using your credit card, by calling our office: (334) 727-6046. If you would prefer to contribute by check or money order, please make your check to Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, and mail your contribution to: Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc., P.O. Box 830327, Tuskegee, AL 36083. A receipt will be mailed to you. All contributors, unless they request to remain anonymous, will be listed in the category which appropriately indicates their level of contribution on all TRT programs for 2017.


Tuskegee Repertory Theatre is a 501 C 3, non-profit organization; our tax ID# is 63-1127278; therefore your contribution to our 2017 TRT Circle of Friends is tax deductible.


Following are the contribution categories:

TRT Friend… $10-$25

TRT Good Friend…$26-$50

TRT Special Friend…$51-$100

TRT Very Special Friend…$101-$250

TRT Angel Friend…$251-$500

TRT Sponsor Friend…$501-$1,000 (Entitled to 2 TRT Guest Tickets)

TRT Major Sponsor Friend…$1001-$2,500 (Entitled to 4 TRT Guest Tickets)

TRT Principal Sponsor Friend…$2,501-Up (Entitled to 6 TRT Guest Tickets)


Please note that you may also support TRT by purchasing, online, DVDs of our productions.

(DVD purchases are not considered tax deductible contributions.)


Thank you in advance for your generous support.




G. Dyann Robinson, Director, TRT









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