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Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc., a 501©(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization, was founded in 1991 by Dyann Robinson, and other Tuskegee performing artists and arts supporters. The company performs in residence, at its home theatre space, The Jessie Clinton Arts Centre, and on tour.


The mission of Tuskegee Repertory Theatre is twofold: It is first to present theatre (dance/music/drama) that reflects the cultural legacy of the Black peoples of the world, especially African Americans, and in particular, the African American cultural legacy of historic Tuskegee, Alabama. Secondly, the mission is to provide much needed professional level training, and performance opportunity for African American artists in the Tuskegee community, the State of Alabama , and in this region of the country.


Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. creates and produces works about the culture of African Americans, but that cannot be expressed without reflecting the life and culture of the people of other races, with whom African Americans share their space on earth. The Repertory Theatre therefore welcomes the members of all racial and ethnic groups to be a part of Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. as performing and creative artists, and as audience members.


The Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. repertoire to date, reflects its mission: The company has presented “GOD'S TROMBONES” by James Weldon Johnson, with choreography and staging by Dyann Robinson; “I FEEL LIKE ME” (The autobiography of politician Johnny Ford, and dancer/choreographer/playwright Dyann Robinson, told through their reflections on their historical mentors. The play features a live orchestra and singers, directed and choreographed by Dyann Robinson; ‘LONELY EAGLES (The Tuskegee Airmen Meet Josephine Baker)” by Dyann Robinson with Johnny Ford, directed and choreographed by Dyann Robinson; “MOTON, A MOMENT OF CRISIS” (The Story of the Creation of the Veterans Administration Hospital for Negroes, in Tuskegee, Alabama) written and directed by Dyann Robinson; ‘RUN JOHNNY RUN” (The Story of Johnny Ford, the First African American Mayor of Tuskegee, Alabama), by Johnny Ford and Dyann Robinson, directed by Dyann Robinson; “THE WIVES OF BOOKER T.” written and directed by Dyann Robinson; GENESIS (A Rap Opera) written and directed by Dyann Robinson, original musical score by Milton C. Davis, Jr.; “PURLIE”, based on the play “PURLIE VICTORIOUS”, by Ossie Davis, directed by Dyann Robinson, and performed with live orchestra; REMEMBERING “SAMMY”, (The Story of Sammy Leamon Younge, Jr., the Tuskegee Institute Student Who was the First Student Killed in the Civil Rights Movement), written and directed by Dyann Robinson; “ROYAL SISTAHS”, a one woman show, written , directed , and performed by Dyann Robinson. (The story of four ancient, great, Black African queens); “THE COTTON CLUB COMES TO ‘SKEGEE”, an historical musical, written, directed, and choreographed by Dyann Robinson, and performed with live orchestra, and “TOBY'S MY BROTHER AND BEETHOVEN TOO!!”, (The story of slaves, and great artists, in the mid 19 th century, all struggling to “run free”), written and directed by Dyann Robinson.


In the fall of 2002, TRT, Inc. collaborated with Auburn University Theatre, in Auburn Alabama, where TRT, Inc. Director, Dyann Robinson, AU Associate Professor Emeritus, was Scholar-In-Residence. The collaboration involved the participation of TRT, Inc. company members in a production of, “STRANGE FRUIT” (The Story of an Alabama Lynching), a play written, directed, and choreographed by Dyann Robinson.


Since 2001, Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. has presented its repertoire of original historically significant plays in the form of an Annual Cultural Heritage Season Series. This is a series of productions, often followed by post show discussions, presented during the winter, spring and summer seasons. Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. will continue to present a variety of classic, and new plays by many African American artists, local and otherwise---plays that reflect directly or indirectly the cultural heritage of the African American people of Tuskegee , and plays that incorporate all the performing arts. Participants in TRT, Inc. productions range in age from children, to senior citizens. Some are formally trained, amateur or professional artists, and some are inexperienced beginners.


Tuskegee Repertory Theatre is striving to serve its Tuskegee community, and indeed the whole State of Alabama. The goal is to not only draw audiences from the immediate and surrounding communities, but to draw increasingly, more of the thousands of tourists who visit Tuskegee 's two Historic Sites annually to TRT. Inc. productions that reflect the history depicted at the Historic Sites, as well as a broad picture of African American culture and history.


Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. aims to make Tuskegee a center for the performing arts, and consequently, a vehicle for the cultural and economic enrichment of the Tuskegee community. . Tuskegee Repertory Theatre, Inc. aims to make Tuskegee a center for the performing arts, and consequently, a vehicle for the cultural and economic enrichment of the Tuskegee community.






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